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Muddy Child
Once a muddy child
Frolicked in the wild,
Baked by the sun,
Chasing light for fun.
Saw a heap of porcelain,
Heap of maimed and shattered things –
Thought them smooth and fair,
And wiped away the dirt with care.
So bright, white and sparking,
They gave him a sad shuddering:
“Oh were I so spotless and clean
Under my muddy skin!” –
Washed his body in a pond,
Rubbed himself hard and long,
Disjointed his muddy parts,
Dissolved his muddy heart.
No more in the sun frolicking,
Could not be a child of porcelain.
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Maple Leaves
In the room with curtains
Of patterns of maple leaves
Was where the voice of the sea
Ended, and the pain begun.
Now the room is gone
And the shadows of maple
Leaves flutter over me,
Leaving me in wonder
If it might have been
A brighter day by the sea.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 3 3
The years pulverized
Hills and stars
Into black tears
To fill my ink bottle
Yet to dry.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 3 11
Too long a haunt,
Too short for mining.
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Black Sword
My black sword no longer
Drips blood, but
Is sheathed shining in the scabbard:
The battles you will fight
I have already fought,
And those who need not fight
Can die in painless slumber at last.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 2 9
Up in the Sky
Up in the sky
Closer to death if we should fall,
Or closer to life,
If life ever descended from the sky.
But the men on the ground
Wearing dark uniforms
And fluorescent jackets
Waving us off,
Because they don’t fly,
Will never die,
And will forever wave us off
On terra firma.
I catch my days falling from the sky
And count them like a miser
Counting his bills,
That if the Lord will give me
Another day to live,
May I live it with anxious ecstasy.
My mind will not travel far again
For I know the sun will blaze on
The bare red hills and muddy rivers
And wear me hollow with heat and thirst,
And however far I go,
Whatever I look for
Cannot be found far away.
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Small Tragedy
They chiseled bits from you,
They told you the way to go,
And onward you went;
For the care not given
And the hopes erased
Light your path too.
Little shades of tragedy
In the small happy life
Are equals of tales
Shredded in the winds of old,
But are never quite as tragic
For you will not have it so.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 4 11
A Voice
Amidst all the this and that,
How and why, but and if
A voice alone
Is my anchor, my sail,
My Northern Star and
My lulling waves
That brings peace to me
In the sprawling, fretting
Commotions of the sea.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 2 18
An only dweller on the planet of the night,
He folds paper planes,
Paints words on balloons and releases them
Into the silent spaces.
And he waits for answers,
He collects them as they fall from the sky,
He sees them pass into the earth like raindrops.
He never packs his suitcase and picks it up,
He wears his brand new top hat in the darkness.
He dreams of a plan to leave the night.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 2 5
gazing at the ocean,
the eternal face of myself:
tabula rasa, they say;
but no, the ocean reflects
not the emptiness;
only it is not a space
to build mansions,
draw straight or curving lines,
or hover over in a helicopter;
here the wind combs
the lilting waves,
here the oldest, perpetual,
the instinctual sound
murmurs myself back to me.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 4 1
I charted my escape            
Without a moment’s rest:      
Scrambling up the stairs        
Past the branching lanes,        
I scaled the path              
That folds back to myself –      
I am different now,            
And I am the same.      
I dared not look back:
Behind me, was it an abyss,
A tear-soaked basin,
A vine entangled wood,
Or a thunder rumbling plain? –
No, only a void without me,
A path strayed from me,  
A tale that told not of me.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 2 23


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